How are the audience figures measured for TV programmes?

Answer The figures are collected and collated by the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (B.A.R.B.).Around 11,000 homes in the U,K, have volunteered to have a box attached to their televisions. These te... Read More »

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Can you show BBC programmes to a public audience?

Found it, it's 'I gotta feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas

How many BBC news programmes are there?

The full BBC archives are private and only accessible by authorized users. However, many news articles are available on their news website (see link below). Although the archive itself is held priv... Read More »

How do the BBC commission there programmes?

How can I see what programmes are using DVD/CD writer?

If you are using Win XP, go to start>run, typeservices.mscscroll down to IMAPI CD Burning Com Serviceright click the entry and stop the service if it is currently running; also go into properties a... Read More »