How are taxes figured?

Answer Taxes are figured in a wide variety of ways, but the key factors are generally a taxpayer's income, property wealth, profit from investments, price of purchases and similar factors.Income TaxesInco... Read More »

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How are taxes figured on RMD accounts?

Owners of individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are required to begin taking money out of the account when they turn 70½. These required minimum distributions, or RMDs, are taxable in the year th... Read More »

How are property taxes figured?

Property taxes are a financial burden that every homeowner must deal with on a yearly basis. Although most tax bills are included in monthly mortgage payments for homes that are financed, others a... Read More »

How is APY figured?

APY stands for annual percentage yield, which is a different method of calculating interest than the APR, or annual percentage rate. The APY takes into consideration the effects of interest compoun... Read More »

How is the arm interest rate figured?

ARM is short for adjustable rate mortgage. An ARM is a loan taken out to pay for your home that has an interest rate that changes over the life of the loan.Index RateEach ARM is tied to an interest... Read More »