What are soda straws made of?

Answer "Historically, straws have been made from paper but today polypropylene plastic is the material of choice," the Enotes website says. Colorants are also used to add color. In addition, plasticizers,... Read More »

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What plastic are straws made of?

According to, the plastic used to make straws is polypropylene. Polypropylene was made in the 1950s and can be recycled by melting and reshaping it. It is also used to make containers f... Read More »

When was the Parker Brothers game of Jack Straws made?

The game of Jack Straws was first made in the year of 1920 by Parker Brothers. The game was re-made in the year 1974 again by the Parker Brothers Company. This is a very hard game to find and is ... Read More »

Are plastic straws recyclable?

Plastic straws are made of polypropylene, classified as plastic #5, which is rarely accepted at recycling centers. Green businesses are stepping up to convert post-consumer plastic #5 into recyclab... Read More »

Tricks with Straws?

Modern straws were invented in 1888 by Marvin Stone. He was able to create a straw by wrapping a paper around a pencil and then gluing it to maintain its form. Since then, straws have become popula... Read More »