How are stigma&pollen grains adapted for pollination?

Answer All living organisms must adapt in order to survive. Plants adapt to assure their own survival, in part by fine tuning their reproductive processes, making it easier for them to pollinate. Specific... Read More »

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Where is the flower's pollination stored before pollination?

Before pollination, the pollen grains are stored in the anthers (male part) of the plant. During pollination, an insect (such as a bee) flies to the flower for nectar and some pollen from the anth... Read More »

How was the iPhone adapted on earth?

In Settings turning Airplane Mode On/Off will end a network connection and will allow the iPhone to find and reconnect with a WiFi network

Who adapted the USMC emblem?

The USS De Wert, a U.S. Navy frigate, adapted the USMC emblem for use on the ship's shield. The ship was named after Richard De Wert, a Marine Hospitalman during the Korean War and a recipient of ... Read More »

How are cactuses adapted to their environment?

Cacti do not have spikes to protect them from predators, they have them, believe it or not, to give them shade so that they wouldn't have to use up as much water, the "protect from predators" part ... Read More »