How are some people just naturally thin?

Answer They have high metabolism rates.Here's some pointers:# Eating healthy and small meals more often and regularly is one great and simple method. Metabolism is always raised with the intake of food. T... Read More »

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Do I Look Naturally Thin or Anorexic Thin *PICS*?

you are quite thin, but so what? That's your body shape, embrace it. You're tall and thin like a model. The people who started the rumors are jealous of your ability to eat and still be thin. They'... Read More »

How to Be Naturally Thin?

"Naturally Thin" is my How To book for everyone. It shows you how to banish your heavy habits, embrace thin thoughts and enjoy satisfying meals, snacks and drinks without the guilt. Below is a look... Read More »

How to Look Naturally Thin?

The best way to look naturally thin is by eating healthy, balanced foods in small portions and burning at least as many calories as you consume. While you are working on this or if you need to look... Read More »

How to Get Thin Naturally?

You may have struggled with diets, overwhelmed with exercise, or even tried some things you're not proud of, just because you want to get thinner. Follow these instructions wisely, and please comme... Read More »