How are soft drinks carbonated?

Answer According to the National Soft Drink Association, the average American consumes more than 600 12-ounce soft drinks per year. While many of us drink carbonated soft drinks daily, we may not consider... Read More »

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Science Projects & Experiments With Carbonated Soft Drinks?

Science fair projects don't have to be boring. While some students may want to produce the standard volcanoes and ant colonies, you can lead the way by showing them how to combine carbonated soft d... Read More »

Carbonated Drinks?

Carbonated beverages interfere with the digestive process... they change the pH of the intestinal tract resulting in incomplete breakdown of food and the extra gas interferes with nutrient absorpti... Read More »

What Do Seawater & Carbonated Drinks Have in Common?

At first glance, aside from the fact that they are all are liquids, it would not seem that seawater, a cola or a bottle of tonic water have much in common. There are, however, common elements in th... Read More »

Do carbonated drinks harm the kidneys?

Kidney damage can result from significant consumption of carbonated drinks like soda pop and carbonated water. Americans drink a large amount of carbonated drinks each year, which can contribute to... Read More »