How are sardines cooked?

Answer The familiar sardine takes on a new dimension when cooked fresh. Grilling, sauteing or baking can all yield good results with the aid of a few simple seasonings.Canned SardinesCanned sardines arriv... Read More »

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Why can some meat be cooked medium rare but others have to be fully cooked?

[don't let the negative ratings deter you because people don't understand food, and where it comes, or how it is treated. everybody thinks food just comes from the supermarket in plastic. if you r... Read More »

How much EPA is in sardines?

Sardines are a rich source of fatty acids, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). One hundred grams of sardines contain between 10 and 12 g of EPA. Sardines get much of their EPA from eating sma... Read More »

What fish do sardines come from?

Several species of fish are sold under the common term sardine, all of which are in the Clupeidae family, which includes herring, menhaden and shad. The most common species sold as sardines is the ... Read More »

Can dogs eat sardines?

Dogs can eat sardines as a treat. The fish are packed with protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to a dog's coat and skin. However, you should feed your dog no more than on... Read More »