How are robots used in space?

Answer The hostile environment of outer space creates very real hazards for space explorers. In recent decades, however, the substitution of robots for human astronauts has proven itself as a useful and s... Read More »

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What is the name of an animated TV series about a space shuttle carrying a couple of robots into space to explore various planets it was played around 1995 to 1997 i think?

in "The torment of Tantalus," they discovered pentagon tapes of the stargate being turned on but the mission failing. S01E11

What are the effects of sending robots into space?

Why does NASA send robots into space?

It's less expensive than sending astronauts, and can still get a lot of science done.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sending robots into space?

There is no fear of loss of human life and less resources are needed to keep a robot running than to sustain a life support system. Astronauts are more capable than robots and more resourceful shou... Read More »