How are quick breads leavened?

Answer Quick breads get their fluffy texture from the gas produced by fast-acting chemical leavening agents such as baking powder and baking soda. Quick breads can also be leavened with whipped egg whites... Read More »

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Is pita bread leavened?

Pita bread is most commonly leavened with yeast, say the experts at, despite its flat shape. This popular Greek bread can be made without a leavening agent, but almost all recipes fo... Read More »

How to Top Breads?

Add a professional touch to your savory breads by topping them with an egg white glaze and a sprinkle of seeds or grains. Some common bread toppings include sesame or poppy seeds, rolled oats, herb... Read More »

Types of Deli Breads?

There's nothing quite like a fresh loaf of bread when you want a great sandwich. Many delis either bake their own bread or purchase it from a local bakery. Either way, most good delis will have a v... Read More »

Types of Seeds to Add to Breads?

Seeds are a tasty and healthy addition to homemade breads. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D., creator of the Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid, seeds are an excellent source of healthy fats like mono... Read More »