How are printers able to copy the picture on another device when connected?

Answer Not quite sure what you're referring to in the way of devices, but let's talk about a couple. Fax machines take a document or image, scan the image & turns it into digital data that is then sent to... Read More »

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Can I copy a picture off of the internet (sports picture), save it on disk and have printed on poster?

Internet pictures are at 72dpi (most often) which means that is you attempt to blow it up bigger than the size that it is on the computer, it will be really pix-elated and look kind of crappy.copyr... Read More »

Can a usb music key board be connected to a midi device?

I'm not sure if it will work but here is a Roland MIDI to USB convertor.…

Can you connect a Bluetooth device that has already been connected to another phone?

Bluetooth headsets are typically designed to work with only one mobile phone. If you pair them with a second phone, the connection with the first will be broken. A few headsets support multiple pai... Read More »

Can the Creative X-Fi HD USB device's line out RCAs connected to speakers without further amplification?

No, you will need to use an Amp or Powered speakers