How are points determined in refinancing a home?

Answer When you refinance your mortgage, the lender may charge points, a cost expressed as a percentage of the loan. Points take into consideration the interest rate and how long you remain in the home af... Read More »

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What are points when refinancing?

Lenders give borrowers the option to purchase points when refinancing their home. The points are a fee used to "buy down," or purchase a lower interest rate than the rate offered for free.Significa... Read More »

Points to Consider When Refinancing?

Refinancing is a process where a borrower allows a lender to buy out an existing loan and agrees to accept a new loan with different terms. Mortgages are a common type of loan to refinance, but it ... Read More »

How are points determined in a mortgage?

A point is a loan discount fee, paid by the home buyer to the lender at closing, or settlement, of a real estate transaction. The various combinations of interest rates and points are set by the le... Read More »

How are insurance points determined after an accident?

Traffic Points In most states, whenever a motorist receives a traffic ticket or other driving violation they are assessed two different types of points: driver's license and insurance points. The s... Read More »