How are plums turned into prunes?

Answer Plums to Prunes Firstly, the right sort of plum has to be used - one with solid flesh, low moisture content, and high sugar content. Then the fruit is dehydrated whole, either by a machine for the ... Read More »

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If prunes are dried plums then why isn't prune juice called plum juice?

You do know that there is plum juice, right? I'm sure it's made from the non-dried plum.Anyhow....I'm guessing that prune juice comes from adding water to the dried fruit and letting it set?????M... Read More »

Does anyone Remember that 90s childrens tv show where a boy went into his room and it turned into a spaceship?

While many people say he is a duck, Big Bird from Sesame Street is believed to be a giant canary. However, in one episode he makes a reference to being a condor. In another, he said he was a lark.

How is wool turned into fabric?

Wool from animal fleeces undergoes sorting, grading and carding to create yarn, which manufacturers knit or weave into finished fabrics. Felting also produces fabric from wool.ProcessingWorkers she... Read More »

Can a Pioneer V402EA be turned into a TV?

You can turn the Pioneer PDP-V402EA into a TV with extra hardware. On its own, the PDP-V402EA is only a display panel with no ability to tune television channels. However, you can add this ability ... Read More »