How are plants affected by being planted in copper pots?

Answer A lot of plants don't like copper. So it can kill some plants

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Can tomatoes be planted in flower pots?

Tomatoes can be grown easily in flower pots or other containers. For best results with growing tomatoes in containers, water frequently and provide growing support for the plant with a tomato cage ... Read More »

Can newspaper pots be planted with the plant in the garden?

yes they can ,you also lay newspaper down for weed prevention which if you receive news paper in the mail and decide to toss it in your recycle bin this is the cheapest weed protection you can buy ... Read More »

How many seeds should be planted in jiffy peat pots?

Plant as many seeds in a jiffy peat pot as you normally would in a little seed hole in the ground--follow the directions on the seed packet. For most seeds, the recommended number is three to five.... Read More »

Does plant growth get affected in different colored pots?

Dark-colored and metal planters may get too hot in the summer months or when placed in direct sunlight. Plant roots can be burned if the soil becomes too warm. Light-colored containers, especially ... Read More »