How are pine nuts grown?

Answer Pine nuts, the diminutive soft-shelled seed of the pine cone, are becoming more common in cuisine, as an ingredient and as a garnish. Although it takes many years to grow a pine-cone bearing tree, ... Read More »

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Do pine nuts come from pine cones?

Pine nuts do come from pine cones. They are located inside the cone. Most pine nuts are too small to eat. The best varieties of pine trees for edible pine nuts are Mexican pine, Colorado pine, Ital... Read More »

Are pine nuts really nuts?

Pine nuts, also called pignolia nuts, are nuts from the Stone Pine tree. The Stone Pine is found most often in Mediterranean regions but is also grown in southern parts of North America and through... Read More »

How are pistachio nuts grown?

Pistachios are oily, green nuts that grow on trees. Although they are often found salted or seasoned in a supermarket, they begin as a fruit.FruitPistachio nuts are the edible portion (the seed) of... Read More »

How are brazil nuts grown?

Brazil nuts are harvested from trees that grow in Amazonian rain forests during the wet season. Most of the crop comes from trees that grow wild and are pollinated by large-bodied bees that resist ... Read More »