How are pesticides used for?

Answer Pesticides are used to kill insects that are eating plants, some are harmful though because they kill all sorts of other animals as well as the insects.

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Pesticides & Machinery Used for Wheat Growth?

Pesticides are used to kill enemies of wheat crops and to ensure a greater wheat harvest. In fact, more than 50 such pesticides exist. But according to a National Public Radio from June 2009, pesti... Read More »

Pesticides For Gardenias?

Gardenia plants are small, evergreen shrubs that grow best in a warm, humid environment. Although native to Asia, they generally thrive in the southern part of the United States. Gardenia plants c... Read More »

Why do farmers use pesticides?

To prevent bugs such as white fly, caterpillars and grasshoppers off of their crop so they don't lose any of it. Farmers use pesticides to help control or suppress any living thing that is damaging... Read More »

Why do people use pesticides?