How are people harmed by pollutants?

Answer A number of pollutants are found in the air, water, and soil. Increasingly, pollutants have become a public health and environmental hazard, which can lead to global warming, acid rain, and ozone l... Read More »

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How to Keep Chicks from Getting Harmed?

if you want to keep your baby chickens alive and healthy follow these simple instructions carefully

I self harmed last night, and help?

To, THE HARD TRUTH, 1 out of every 7 people who cut are males so shut up. And to answer your question Jamie, it could be already starting to bruise would be my best guess.

How many species of animals are being harmed in the rainforest?

According to experts, an average of 137 species, including plants, animals and insects, are lost each day as a result of deforestation of rainforests around the world. Nearly 50 percent of the worl... Read More »

Are Knock Out roses harmed by aphids& whiteflies?

Knock Out roses are susceptible to the same insect pests that all roses succumb to. Aphids usually attack roses during the cool weather of spring and fall. Whiteflies infest unlucky rose bushes cau... Read More »