How are pendulums used?

Answer A simple pendulum consists of a long chain or string with a weight attached to the end. In use since the 1600s, the pendulum has helped scientists measure any number of movements.TimeThe scientist ... Read More »

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Do pendulums ever stop?

Pendulums move back and forth due to gravity. Despite the continuing influence of gravity, Galileo's early experiments proved that friction with the air will slow a pendulum's swing, eventually bri... Read More »

Are pendulums accurate?

Based on Galileo's discovery that the speed at which bodies fall doesn't depend on their weight, he also realized that the period of swing of a pendulum is independent from the arc of the swing it ... Read More »

Who invented pendulums?

The development of a pendulum that swings at a constant rate to be used in clocks is attributed to the Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens, who published his discovery in the book Horologium Oscilla... Read More »

How do pendulums behave?

Pendulums are simplified as point-like masses swinging under constant gravity without air or mechanical friction. Oscillating periods are, perhaps counter-intuitively, independent of pendulum mass.... Read More »