How are pectoral fins on a shark different than those on a reef fish?

Answer Sharks have relatively inflexible pectoral fins that guide them during up and down and forward motion and through turns. Reef fish use their pectoral fins for precise motion control and can turn an... Read More »

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Where are the pectoral fins located on an orange roughy fish?

The pectoral fins of an orange roughy are located behind the gills. These are the side fins that are right behind a fish’s head. They help control the direction the fish moves.References:The Free... Read More »

How many feet can a flying fish glide above water using its pectoral fins?

Flying fish can glide over 4 feet above the surface of the water and travel for distances of up to 655 feet using their pectoral fins. They begin gliding by reaching speeds of around 37 mph underwa... Read More »

What Are Shark Fins Used for?

Shark fins are viewed as a source of food and medicine all around the world. Over 30 different species of sharks have their fins removed in a practice that is referred to as shark finning. In many ... Read More »

Types of Shark Fins?

Sharks are sea creatures found in all the world's oceans, according to the National Parks Conservation Association. There are more than 350 known species of sharks, and although they have a reputat... Read More »