How are pearls harvested?

Answer The harvesting time of the pearls has much to do with their looks and luster. After years of hard work, the harvest is the pay off. Harvesting is usually done in the winter when the mollusk's metab... Read More »

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Are oysters killed when pearls are harvested?

Nucleation is the insertion of a foreign object into the oyster to cause irritation. The oyster secretes a substance called nacre around the object, which creates a pearl. Once the pearl is harvest... Read More »

Are fresh water pearls less money than cultured pearls?

Cultured pearls are generally less expensive than most naturally occurring pearls, even though cultured pearls are often more uniformly shaped and more lustrous. Pearls can be cultured in both fres... Read More »

When are pomegranates harvested?

Pomegranate growers in the United States harvest their fruit in the fall, usually August through October. They pick pomegranates just before they are fully ripened, normally six months after the pl... Read More »

How are oysters harvested?

Oysters are a popular dish in Europe, Canada and the United States. The West Coast of the U.S. and France are the leading oyster producing regions of the world. In some areas, beach dwellers can si... Read More »