How are parents notified that a child has been exposed to a communicable disease?

Answer Eczema

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I have been notified that I won Yahoo lottery in UCan it be true How can I verify if its real or no?

It's definitely a scam. Besides, since when has Yahoo! ever run a lottery? Don't reply and please DO NOT give out any personal information. It can be used against you. With most email, if you don't... Read More »

What can a person do if they know that a child is in an environment that is unsafe unhealthy and exposed to drugs?

Answer You can report the parent(s) to Child Welfare and they will take it from there. Child Welfare will not give your name and it's strictly confidential.

Can you save a tree that has been exposed to Weed and Feed?

"Weed and Feed," according to the gardening advice site Enjoy Gardening, is part fertilizer, but it is also part herbicide, since it is designed to kill weeds. Unfortunately, this herbicide also af... Read More »

What I have been noticing is that people support keeping a child with the bio-parents even when Family Courts?

In my state, the courts can move to terminate rights if the parents are not doing ANYTING in three months but most will not and go for the last 15 out of 22 months ruling....Shocking and heinous ab... Read More »