How are organelles cells like a nightclub?

Answer MOTHERS--his girlfriend sang there

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Organelles Found in Both Plant & Bacterial Cells?

Bacteria are considered some of the least complicated forms of life. Bacterial organelles are not enclosed in a membrane as plant cells are. Instead, they float around in a jelly-like substance cal... Read More »

Organelles Found in Both Prokaryotic & Plant Cells?

Every living organism is made up of one of two cell types: prokaryotic cells or eukaryotic cells. Plants consist of eukaryotic cells while prokaryotic cells appear as bacterial forms. And while euk... Read More »

List of Organelles Found in Plant Cells?

Plant cells share many characteristics with animal cells. Every cell has a nucleus that holds the genetic code of the organism. Both types of cell have cytoplasm, which is a substance outside the n... Read More »

What are organelles in plant cells that function in photosynthesis or storage called?

Chloroplasts are the organelles in plant cells that are responsible for photosynthesis. Because plant organelles are specialized in a way animal cells are not, chloroplasts are a unique organelle s... Read More »