How are opals made?

Answer Opal is a gemstone found in many parts of the earth, but most often associated with Australia, where it has been declared Australia's national gemstone. It comes in a variety of colors. It is comp... Read More »

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What are fake opals made from?

When were synthetic opals first made?

According to the Jewelers Ethics Association, Pierre Gilson first made synthetic opals in 1974. The Chatham Company produces a "created" opal that is widely considered the highest quality synthetic... Read More »

How to Buy Opals?

The birthstone of October, opals are a fascinating stone. The fire in the opal, caused by diffraction, displays all the colors of the rainbow. Almost 95 percent of opals are found in Australia, alt... Read More »

Colors of Opals?

Opals are delicate gemstones found in Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Japan and Honduras. The greatest proportion of the world's opals, and those of finest quality, come from Australia. Up until... Read More »