How are oil spills caused?

Answer Oil spills can be caused by human error, by worn out equipment, or on purpose. Although many people associate oil spills with tankers or pipeline spills, according to the Ocean Studies Board and th... Read More »

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What will happen after vacuuming up the spills from a broken thermometer what happened to these spills in the vacuum cleaner can they escape from the bag should vacuum cleaner be disposed?

No, they won't escape the bag and you can keep the vacuum.

What can we do about oil spills?

Oil spills can prove tragic for local ecosystems. Prompt cleanup measures, laws to help prevent spills, and responsible individual actions can all help to reduce or prevent oil spills or seepage.Oi... Read More »

What Cleans Up Oil Spills?

Although the exact method used to clean up an oil spill depends on the type of oil, the location of the oil and the size and scale of the cleanup operation given the circumstances, there are approx... Read More »

How to Learn About Oil Spills?

Oil spills can cause a lot of distress to many communities near the ocean. Oil does not mix well with water. Oil spills are commonly caused by an oil tanker leak in the ocean. When an oil spill hap... Read More »