How are my song lyrics?

Answer it's good, though I think it's a very typical style of writing, maybe if you let it float around in your head for a while you will be able to write it with more imagination, it's good, but could be... Read More »

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One of my favorite Sesame Street songs is Water Baby written and sung by Joe Raposo. Where was this song filmed Who are the people What are the lyrics to this song?

Can you name a song with the word "Song" in the title or lyrics?

Amorphis - Song of the Troubled OneThe Beatles - Only A Northern SongDavid Bowie - Song for Bob DylanDethklok - FansongDethklok - Comet SongDevin Townsend - BabysongEnsiferum - Battle SongEnsiferum... Read More »

How to Convert Song Lyrics to a Song?

Every good musician has this question in their lifetime "I have my words, and now how do I create a masterpiece with it?"

How to Get the Lyrics for a Song?

Sometimes there are people who try to figure out the lyrics to a song they like, but they never seem to get them. If you are one of those people, this article is for you. (Don't do these steps in o... Read More »