How are my property taxes determined?

Answer Property taxes are determined on specific factors and vary with every local government. In addition, property taxes are based on community needs. Therefore, state and federal tax authorities may no... Read More »

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How are property taxes determined in california?

California property taxes are determined by applying the appropriate tax rate to the value of the property, set by the county assessor. Proposition 13, passed in 1978, limits increases in the prope... Read More »

Can property be seized for nonpayment of property taxes?

Unfortunately, nonpayment of property taxes can lead to seizure of property by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If property tax goes unpaid for significant lengths of time, the seized house can ... Read More »

Can you pay up someones property taxes and acquire their property?

This can be possible when the property taxes are not paid by the owners and the taxing authorities seize the property and sell it at auction to collect the past due property taxes.

Do You pay Property Taxes on a Property you Rent out?

Of course you do! The taxes always go to the district where the property is located. Where the owner lives is irrelevant.