Bare minerals vs. Pur minerals vs. Raw minerals vs. Rare minerals, etc.?

Answer Raw minerals All Natural Mineral Makeup! they are bismuth free, and have Color Diversity! There is no other mineral makeup on the market that has color diversity! They are the only full coverage mi... Read More »

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Everyday Minerals Vs. Bare Minerals?

Everyday Minerals, a newcomer on the mineral makeup scene, is holding its own when it comes to great mineral makeup products. The brand offers quality substances at an affordable price. BareMineral... Read More »

Glo Minerals Vs. Bare Minerals?

Glo Minerals and Bare Minerals are competitors in the cosmetics world, but both are highly popular mineral makeup brands. They are touted as an all natural alternative to regular cosmetics, ... Read More »

Are rubies minerals?

The ruby is a variety of corundum, a mineral that is second only to the diamond in hardness. Although pure corundum has no color, the red of a ruby is due to traces of elements that can include tit... Read More »

Are pearls minerals?

No, a pearl is not a mineral. A mineral is an inorganic substance. Pearls are organic: made by the oyster. The confusion arises because the oyster coats the irritant trapped in its shell with layer... Read More »