How are memory and experience intertwined?

Answer The human mind is much like a computer hard drive...bits (bytes) are scattered throughout receptors. Recalling memories requires those stored bits be accessed. They are there; just sometimes access... Read More »

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Will adding higher video memory help my SL experience?

Adding video memory by installing a new graphics card, or simply adding additional RAM, will increase the performance of the game "Second Life." "Second Life" requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM an... Read More »

Does anyone have any personal experience with any of the herbs said to improve memory and concentration?

Yes, I do. Understanding how our brain functions to the "max" is the key to identifying the herb for memory and concentration. What our brain needs are proper nutrients (like Polysaccharides , also... Read More »

I've got mysterious puncture marks/scars on my skin, I don't have memory of. Anyone had similar experience?

If you do a search on the Internet for this then all you get is alien abduction sites. It seems very common for people to notice these marks all of a sudden in alien abductions. In woman it seems t... Read More »

Hairstyles With Intertwined Braids?

Braids are no longer reserved just for little girls. Loose, messy braids are the hairstyling rage, according to a July 2011 article in "Marie Claire" that reviews braided hairstyling trends from fr... Read More »