How are male&female crayfish different?

Answer Tiny lobster-like crayfish are found in fresh waters all across the world. These typical three-inch crustaceans are characterized by a jointed head and middle section, a segmented body, antenna and... Read More »

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How to Catch a Crayfish?

If you want a pet, crayfish make great ones, and they are easy to take care of.

How to Keep Cichlids With Crayfish?

Cichlids are colorful freshwater fish native to Africa and South America. Crayfish are small freshwater lobster-like crustaceans. Because they're both freshwater, it seems you could keep the two to... Read More »

How to Play With a Crayfish?

A red crayfish posing for its picturePeople play with their pet snakes and mice, so why not a crayfish/crawfish? Read on to learn how to safely handle and play with your crayfish.

How to Use Crayfish Traps?

Over 330 species of crayfish -- also known as crawfish, crawdads or mudpuppies -- are found in United States waters. While there are a number of ways to catch crayfish, traps are the most productiv... Read More »