How are male&female brains different?

Answer Differences between the male and female brain long have been studied by doctors. Scientists speculate that there are several differences that influence the behavior in genders. Knowing these differ... Read More »

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Can you eat cow brains?

If you don't care about the much higher risk of contracting CJD (a form of Mad Cow Disease in humans) from eating a cow's brains, then yes. Otherwise, most people get disgusted by the thought of ea... Read More »

Beauty or brains............?

Is TV bad for kids brains?

On One Hand: TV is Bad for KidsThere is a vast amount of research showing the possible negative effects of TV on children's brains. Some of the evidence shows extensive television viewing can contr... Read More »

Do rhinos have brains?

Like any mammal, all four species of rhinoceros have brains. Compared to the size of the rhino--they can weigh several thousand pounds--the brain is relatively small. In fact, the Honolulu Zoo repo... Read More »