How are magnets used in cows?

Answer Farmers use magnets to protect their cattle from a disease called traumatic reticuloperitonitis. This is more commonly known as "hardware disease." It occurs when a piece of sharp metal or wire is ... Read More »

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Why do some farmers make their cows swallow magnets?

Cow magnets are a useful tool in the prevention of illness in cattle. Once swallowed by a bovine, this device is used to collect scrap metal, such as fencing wire and nails in the rumen. The rumen ... Read More »

Why Are Magnets Used in Recycling?

Magnets are a vital tool used in recycling. Recycling consists of separating different types of metals and alloys, based on the elements each is made from. Many metals contain iron, and a magnet st... Read More »

Are magnets used in headphones?

Whatever you want, it can't hear you!

How are magnets used in the home?

in computers in phones in speakers in data storage devices in electrical motors in clocks on fridges and this is by no means a comprehensive list