How are laws passed in the United States government?

Answer In almost all cases, federal laws are enacted when Congress passes a bill and the president signs the bill into law.Legislation IntroducedAny member of Congress can suggest a new law. The proposed ... Read More »

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How to Observe a Bill Passed Through the United States Congress?

This article is written to observe how a bill is created and makes its way through both United States House of Representatives and the Senate.

What was the first government of the united states called?

According to Annenberg Media, the first government of the United States was called the Second Continental Congress. The first Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation, which "crea... Read More »

How was the united states government formed?

The U.S. government's history started with the Declaration of Independence and was finally established with the U.S. Constitution. While there have been changes made to the government through the p... Read More »

Is the United States'government a democracy?

The United States government is a democracy, but it may also be considered a republic. In a proper democracy, the people decide on issues collectively. In a republic, however, the people vote on el... Read More »