How are lasers used with compact discs?

Answer Lasers and compact discs have been popular since their introduction in the early 1980s. These two items interact together to create the newest form of data storage.FunctionLasers serve as a light s... Read More »

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How do I dispose of old compact discs?

Donate Music CDsDonate music compact discs that still work, but you no longer want, to local thrift stores or music exchange businesses.Protect your DataPlace your compact discs that may have sensi... Read More »

How are compact discs made?

Compact discs have been one of the most popular optical storage devices since they hit the market in 1982, initially for music and later for other digital-data storage. They are slowly falling out ... Read More »

How to Abbreviate and Pluralize Compact Discs?

Long words and phrases are commonly encountered when writing. When working on a written assignment, a long phase or word may be repeated several times throughout. In order to save time and space, t... Read More »

Are compact discs affected by magnets?

The materials used in making a compact disc (CD) are non-magnetic and include polycarbonate plastic and aluminum. Because no magnetic materials are used, magnets do not affect CDs. Video and casset... Read More »