How are issues in Wikipedia resolved?

Answer Have you provided a citation for your correction?Have you checked the edit summary of the person who deletes your corrections - it is considered good wikiquette to provide a summary with a descript... Read More »

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Have Any Other Adoptees Who've Reunited had any Health Issues Resolved?

I did find out that I am at increased risk for certain cancer and other health problems. It is good to know so that I can get appropriate screenings early, and it will also be beneficial for my da... Read More »

I heard the Astro A50 headset had some issues when released, are they resolved?

I just recently bought the Astro A50's and I can say that I love them. Not one complaing so far and I've had them for about a week no static on my end. Worth every penny

Was the conflicts of Les Misérables resolved?

somewhat. the characters that die have bittersweet deaths...Fantine gives her child to Valjean, Eponine dies in Marius' arms, the Barricade boys die fighting for a better France, Javert....well in ... Read More »

Java variable cannot be resolved?

The first problem I see is in the 2nd line of the main method where you call "substituteWord(storyLine)" and if you'll notice, that "storyLine" variable is not accessable to the main method because... Read More »