How are howard gardner's theories affecting early childhood education today?

Answer Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner's theories on how a child's brain develops reshaped early childhood education. Although he has modified his original idea, preschool and elementary school teache... Read More »

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What is Howard Air Force Base being used for today?

Up front, this is at best a guess: the US Army used to permit blousing of BDU pants, however in the '80's an order came down prohibiting the practice. The explanation given was that blousing precip... Read More »

Theories in Early Childhood Development & Math?

A child begins learning from the very first day of life: figuring out how to eat, how to recognize faces, how to get his parents' attention. There are many theories developing about how children le... Read More »

Theories of Development & Learning in Early Childhood Education?

Because of modern medical technology, we know so much more about how brains develop and work. The research on brain development in children has helped us understand how a child's brain develops and... Read More »

The Correlation Between Early Childhood and Theories of Human Development?

Many of the most important theories of human development in the 20th century stress the role of early childhood. Specifically, the work of Erik Erikson, Lev Vygotsky and Jean Piaget all, in their d... Read More »