How are headstones created?

Answer Headstones were created to mark graves to remember, identify and locate the deceased. Their design and style have changed over time, though there are certain common preferences popular today.Past H... Read More »

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How to clean headstones?

I have looked this up on different sites and it depends onwhat kind of stone it is: marble, cement, granite, etc.Most don't recommend using any type of detergent on thestone. Some of the detergent... Read More »

Are headstones tax-deductible?

Headstones are only tax-deductible if they are given as a charitable contribution to a legitimate nonprofit organization. A receipt for the headstone and a letter from the organization detailing it... Read More »

How are headstones placed on a grave?

Before you order a headstone, ask the cemetery if there are any restrictions on size, style or any other details. Some cemeteries are very strict and only allow flat headstones, while others allow ... Read More »

How are headstones carved?

Headstones are carved into a custom text and design to suit the needs of the deceased. Skilled craftsmen create these carvings with ease, thanks to modern technology.Pre-CarvingBefore carving can b... Read More »