How are handheld computers used?

Answer Handheld computers, sometimes known as personal digital assistants (PDAs), are used in many different ways by various occupations. Palm Pilots, released in 1996, were one of the first popular brand... Read More »

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How much do handheld computers cost?

In 2009, the average price of a handheld computer or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) ranged from less than $20 for basic models that store phone numbers and names to $600 models that use the Palm ... Read More »

How to Use Handheld Computers in Math Class?

Handheld computers have been a part of the tech industry for many years. In the last decade, the gamut of uses for the small device has increased exponentially. Today, educators are making full use... Read More »

What type of table is used for a handheld plasma cutter?

Metal tables are required for plasma cutting to eliminate a fire hazard and to allow the plasma cutter to ground to the workpiece. Optimally, the metal table will have an opening to allow the spark... Read More »

How are computers used in art?

The computer has revolutionized about every facet of modern life, and art-making is no exception. Computers play a major role in the art world, from altering historical processes to creating new te... Read More »