How are guitar strings related to waves?

Answer Waves arise from oscillating objects like excited strings on a guitar. Plucked or strummed guitar strings create vibrations that travel back and forth along the strings. The vibration of a string s... Read More »

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Can I string an acoustic guitar with electric guitar strings?

Guitar strings are not interchangeable. Strings come in three basic forms: classical, steel, and 12 string sets. Choosing the wrong type of strings can produce too much tension and damage your guit... Read More »

What guitar strings should I buy?

Go online and search those guitars on site, and view details about strings, for electric Nickel plated round wound, for acoustic Bronze round wound, the numbers may be unique to match bridge and nu... Read More »

How to Learn the Strings of a Guitar?

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Can you use guitar strings on a violin?

No, you cannot use guitar strings on a violin. Guitar strings are too thick for a violin. In addition, guitar strings are made of nylon or have a coating on them because they are meant to be strumm... Read More »