How are grow lights use?

Answer Depending on the wattage and type of the light, they are used as an alternative to the sun. Using grow lights can maximize the time your plants spend growing underneath them. Be careful, though, so... Read More »

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Are grow lights better for plants than fluorescent lights?

On One Hand: Fluorescents Can Be Used as Grow LightsFluorescent lights come in many types. Full-spectrum fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive and easy to find and use. A full-spectrum fl... Read More »

How to Use Incandescent Lights for Grow Lights?

Grow lights are used to keep plants growing outside of their normal growing season. They are used in homes and greenhouses to give plants the nutrients from light they need. Several bulb options ar... Read More »

What kind of lights are grow lights?

Grow lights provide additional light to plants that do not receive adequate amounts of sunlight. They can also substitute for sunlight for many indoor plants. Grow lights are a necessity in many in... Read More »

How to Grow Houseplants With Grow Lights?

Full spectrum lights, often sold as "grow lights," provide an effective way to grow plants indoors. Grow lights allow you to adapt indoor lighting conditions to any plant's requirements, and can ev... Read More »