How are grand juries chosen?

Answer You may be chosen for jury duty regardless if you are a clerical worker, grocery store clerk or physician or hold any other type of job. As a juror, you have the responsibility of deciding the fact... Read More »

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How to Get Chosen by a Teacher?

Ever want to be that student who gets to leave class all the time to deliver papers? Well, this article will help you be that student.

Why was the phone chosen?

One of the biggest iPhone announcements EVER. That was the announcement of the CDMA version of the iPhone 4, compatible with Verizon (and later Sprint, C Spire, and nTelos). This model may have alm... Read More »

Why was February 14 chosen for Valentine's Day?

It is a day that calls for candy and cards, flowers and gifts. But Valentine's Day, also called St. Valentine's Day, is much older than the commercialized version of the holiday. According to His... Read More »

How are queen bees chosen?

People never see the queen bee. She lives her entire life within the confines of the beehive. Bees within the hive select the female that will become the queen.SignificanceThe queen bee is the only... Read More »