How are glass marbles made?

Answer Glass marbles are a mainstay of childhood play. They're fun to collect and handle, no matter what your age. These beautiful, round, rolling treasures were first manufactured at the turn of the 20t... Read More »

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How are venetian glass marbles made?

Venetian glass marbles are beautiful and intricate marbles that have patterns, striations and swirls of color within them. Glass makers in Venice make and sell the marbles as well as many other del... Read More »

Where can I buy flat glass marbles?

You can find flat glass marbles online and at stores that sell craft supplies. They are used for making floral displays with fake flowers. You can even find them in pet stores since they are used a... Read More »

How to Use Glass Marbles in Jewerly?

In addition to being beautiful and shiny, glass marbles are cheap and, it seems, found almost everywhere. While any piece of colored, decorative glass can make for lovely jewelry, marbles need to b... Read More »

What are glass marbles called?

The names given to marbles vary from from town to town, as do the rules for marble games. However, a glass marble is most commonly known as an "ollie." Marbles are played all over the world and the... Read More »