How are glass bottles manufactured?

Answer Glass bottles have been made for thousands of years. They once were made only individually, by glass blowers who melted sand, sodium carbonate, and lime at very high temperatures. Glass bottles ar... Read More »

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Are plastic water bottles re-manufactured?

Plastic bottles that are recycled generally end up at a recycling plant, where it is sorted and made into materials for different industries. However, if it goes to a plastic bottle manufacturer, i... Read More »

The History of Glass Bottles?

Glass forms when heat applied to sand causes the component silica to melt and become malleable. Humans first used naturally formed glass to build Stone Age weapons and tools, and later learned to f... Read More »

How to Melt Glass Bottles?

The creation of decorative vases, centerpieces or even wall hangings from old glass bottles is growing in popularity as the world becomes more "green." Old bottles can be recycled and used to creat... Read More »

How are glass bottles made?

Glass bottles are created every day through an automated process that involves a series of steps. The production of glass has come a long way. The earliest man-made glass objects date to about 3,50... Read More »