How are glass Mason jars made?

Answer Glass Mason jars are manufactured from soda-lime glass. It is a common glass used for food and beverage storage. Mason jars come in various sizes including pints, quarts and cups.CompositionMason j... Read More »

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Are Mason jars air tight?

Mason jars are airtight. The original Mason jars were introduced in 1858 and had an airtight shoulder seal. In 1869, improvements were made to the lid, creating the separate ring and plate structur... Read More »

Things You Can Put in Mason Jars?

Mason jars -- glass jars with a screw-top design -- were designed by John Landis Mason in 1858 and have been used for generations for home canning. Canning is not the only use for Mason jars, thoug... Read More »

Can Mason Jars Be Frozen?

In limited situations, a mason jar can be used in the freezer. Straight-mouth mason jars are appropriate for using in the freezer, but mason jars with shoulders can break if overfilled. When using ... Read More »

Who makes mason brand jars?

Mason jars were first created in 1858 by John Landis Mason. He sold off the rights to his invention prior to his death. Companies such as Ball and Kerr made the jars for years. Jarden Home Brands n... Read More »