How are garter belts worn?

Answer In the days before pantyhose, women kept their stockings from sliding down by wearing a garter belt. Some women still prefer the look and feel of a garter belt over pantyhose.Girdle vs. GarterThe g... Read More »

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Which leg should a prom garter be worn on?

Many girls choose to wear their garters on the right leg because the left is supposed to be reserved for the wedding garter. If you are wearing a dress with a side-slit, you should wear your garter... Read More »

How do garter belts work?

In the days before the invention of pantyhose, women wore stockings and garter belts. Today, women of all ages are rediscovering how comfortable this combination can be. However, for those who have... Read More »

Why do women wear garter belts?

Women wear garter belts for more than just to hold up a pair of stockings. It is a mainstay in women's lingerie and is typically attached to corsets or teddies.HistoryThe garter belt was originall... Read More »

Why should seat belts be worn?

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for people under age 35. In half of these accidents, the victims weren't wearing seat belts. Properly wearing seat belts can help prevent a tragic loss ... Read More »