How are garnets formed?

Answer Best recognized for its deep red or warm earthtone shades, garnet is the birthstone for the month of January and is often used in jewelry. A common gemstone, garnet forms through standard metamorph... Read More »

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Are garnets red?

Most garnets are red. However, not all garnets possess a deep red color. Garnets come in a variety of other colors, such as green, orange and yellow. Garnets are not characterized by their color, b... Read More »

How to Spot Garnets?

Distinguishing gems from one another is both art and science. It can require years of training and specialized equipment. Red-colored stones, like garnets and rubies, pose special challenges. One m... Read More »

Where are garnets mined?

Garnet can be found all over the world, but very few deposits are gem-quality. In the United States, the main states mining garnet for commercial use are New York, Montana and Idaho, although garne... Read More »

Differences Between Rubies & Garnets?

Is a particular red gemstone a ruby or a garnet? It makes a difference, especially in price. Often, cheap jewelry sold as a ruby might contain garnet stones, which are more plentiful and, therefore... Read More »