How are fragrances made?

Answer Fragrance creation is a lengthy process that involves blending essential oils and synthetic chemicals with alcohol to produce a scent. Fragrance houses, such as Chanel, can take several months to a... Read More »

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List of Fragrances for Men?

A comprehensive list of fragrances for men would be a very long one. There are fragrances for men beginning with every letter in the alphabet. Typical scent notes used are amber, cardamom, cedarwoo... Read More »

How to Layer Fragrances?

Anyone who uses perfume finds it frustrating when the fragrance wears off after a couple of hours. On the one hand, if you spray a ton of your favorite fragrance on so it will last all day, the sce... Read More »

Top 10 Men's Fragrances?

Cologne is a great gift idea for a man, but with so many men's fragrances on the market, it may be difficult to know which one to pick. Choosing the best scent for a man is like choosing a good sui... Read More »

The Top Fragrances for Men in 2009?

According to the UK Fragrance Foundation, the market for male grooming products grew by 900 percent in the last decade, as we observed the emergence of the "metrosexual" man. As men become increasi... Read More »