Scanning of fingerprints?

Answer Dry skin can effect the scanners I know that

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How to Analyze Fingerprints?

What do your prints say about you?Dermatoglyphics is the study of skin ridges, and particularly fingerprints. Your fingerprints form while you are still in the womb, and do not change during your l... Read More »

How to Take Fingerprints?

ever wanted to see your fingerprint or someone else's clearly? here's how!

How to Fake Fingerprints?

In order to fake a fingerprint, one needs an original first. Latent fingerprints are nothing but fat and sweat on touched items. Thus to retrieve someone else's fingerprint (in this case the finger... Read More »

How to Not Leave Fingerprints?

When handling certain items, the marks from fingerprints afterward can leave an unsightly effect, or can even damage an item through the oils from your skin interacting with the object.