How are files stored in pc memory?

Answer Understanding the way a PC works is fairly easy. Basically there are two types of memory needed to save and work with programs and information, short term and long term memory.Necessary ComponentsT... Read More »

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Where are dll files stored?

Microsoft Windows uses DLL files to run tasks and services. The files are in a hidden systems folder called "System32." The folder becomes visible if you enable the show hidden files and folders op... Read More »

Are desktop files stored in the RAM?

The hard drive, not the RAM, stores desktop computer files. System memory, however, does store the files of programs currently in use. That is why computers with more memory run multiple applicatio... Read More »

Where are DLL files stored in XP?

DLL files are used by Windows operating systems to run vital services and system tasks, and are stored in the "System32" folder. Because these files are critical to the system, by default they are ... Read More »

Where are DBX files stored?

.Dbx files are stored e-mail messages in Outlook Express. The .dbx files are stored in the following store root directory: C:\Windows\Application Data\Outlook Express\{GUID} or C:\Documents and Set... Read More »