Are farts ghosts of the food we eat?

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How to Disguise Your Farts?

In the middle of class. Your teacher won't let you go to the washroom right now. You have extremely bad gas. What do you do? You follow these steps!

Really smelly farts...?

Flatulence is the result of our intestinal flora going to town on whatever we have eaten that day. High fiber foods tend to cause more "problems" but if you are recovering from illness, your intes... Read More »

Do you rate your own farts?

Oh absolutely. I usually save them up for when I go for a smoke break at work. I let out a tremendous trouser cough this week, lasted for about 15 seconds. Quite musical, all diferent pitches.Then... Read More »

How to Make Your Farts Stink Less?

first you have to motivate yoursellf that you can make your farts stink less!!!! REMEMBER YOU ARE YOU AND YOU CAN DO IT!!!!