How are electromagnets used in radios?

Answer Electromagnets are very useful devices used in several everyday objects. They can be used for heavy duty work or smaller work. One very common item which uses electromagnets is the loud speaker in ... Read More »

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When are electromagnets used?

An electromagnet is a magnet that has its field generated by electric current. It is no longer magnetic when the current is stopped. Electromagnets allow many common devices to work.SpeakersElectro... Read More »

How are electromagnets used in junkyards?

Electromagnets are used in many ways for many everyday activities. Some electromagnets are used in household devices while others have more heavy-duty jobs. One heavy-duty way we use electromagnets... Read More »

What are electromagnets used in?

The electromagnet is important, according to NASA's Kid's Science Network, as it allows magnets to be used in a variety of situations and machines with the ability to turn off the magnet to either ... Read More »

How are electromagnets used in everyday life?

Electromagnets are a part society and they are used for many different applications. Electronics and various industries are just some of the ways in which electromagnetic applications are utilized.... Read More »