How are electromagnets used in everyday life?

Answer Electromagnets are a part society and they are used for many different applications. Electronics and various industries are just some of the ways in which electromagnetic applications are utilized.... Read More »

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How Are Exponents Used in Everyday Life?

Algebra students are often required to study exponents. This calculation involves multiplying a number by itself several times. Students often wonder whether this calculation is useful in real life... Read More »

Where is static electricity used in your everyday life?

Static cling of clothes out of the dryerBalloons sticking to hair and clothesRubbing your feet on a carpet and receiving a shock on a doorknobRecently used comb can attract small bits of paper or lint

What are some things NASA invented that are now used in your everyday life?

the Canadian arm (robotic arm) used for repair to difficult for the astronauts

How are electromagnets used in junkyards?

Electromagnets are used in many ways for many everyday activities. Some electromagnets are used in household devices while others have more heavy-duty jobs. One heavy-duty way we use electromagnets... Read More »